Get serious using the (free) Social Business Model Calculator

Are you a Social Entrepreneur or working on innovation at an NGO or Social Enterprise/Start-up? Then you know how important it is to get to ‘financial sustainability’, to make your initiative long-lasting, to go beyond grants and pilots and scale up.

For you I created the Social Business Model Calculator! This Calculator lets you easily design your Social Business Model and run various high-level calculations to figure out how you make your business model ‘work’. The Calculator is a Spreadsheet in Google Docs, with a simple intuitive design and smart formulas to get you going quickly.

It is based on the Social Business Model Canvas made by Social Innovation Lab, which in turn is based on Alexander Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas.

Works like Strategyzer

The Social Business Model Calculator gives Strategyzer-like functionality, but is completely open source, free to use and easily customazible. Just like the Canvases it is based on, the Calculator is licensed under Creative Commons.

The idea for the Social Business Model Calculator came from work that I did for an NGO that was trying to figure out financial sustainability for their initiative. Therefore the Calculator already went through several iterations and is (somewhat) battle-tested. Still, the current release is as an ‘alpha’ version, so in case you run into any issues or have questions, feel free to reach out for help!

Get it here for free!

Open the Social Business Model Calculator by using this link: Open SBMC.

You need a Google Account and need to be logged in, otherwise you can only view. Now open the File menu (click File at top left) and select Make a copy.

You can also immediately create a copy for yourself by clicking this link: Create new copy of SBMC.

Note: for the new copy to work, you need to be already logged into your Google Account!

If you have objections using Google or for any questions/remarks, contact me.

Happy modeling!

– Diderik