From talking over cofee, to facilitating a workshop, to providing innovation support until joining your team, I am at your service!

Free conversation over coffee

Do you have something on your mind that you want to talk about? Or just want to meet? You are free to bring anything to the table! And any advice you get is free. A great way to get to know each other with no risk to you. Well, maybe you could pay for the coffee.

A workshop made for you

Do you have a specific challenge or question? Then a workshop can give you or your team the ‘boost’ needed! I was trained in the proven methodology EPG (Effective Problem-solving in Groups) and have facilitated workshops for many years. We follow a structured process from initial idea to successful completion and evaluation. Your goals are central to the design of the workshop.

Some recent workshops:
– Kickstarting organization-wide innovation (for World Vision Kenya)
– Optimizing working with Scrum (for UNIT4 Fiscaal Gemak)
– Technology Trends & Open Innovation (for Partos)
– Product Development Strategy (for Rural Spark)

Innovation Support

Do you know that your initiative should improve, but not sure exactly where to start? Then my hands-on pragmatic ‘light touch’ Innovation Support can be your catalyst for change.

I will come in every 2 to 4 weeks for a workshop where we go deep into important and urgent challenges. You will come out with loads of new insights, a deeper understanding and concrete actions. In between the workshops you get remote support by phone, e-mail and direct messaging on any issue that comes up relating to Software Development, Agile/Scrum, Design Thinking and Business Modeling.

Recently I supported Dance4Life, Enablement, Health[e]Foundation and ZLTO.

Joining your team

Do you want my full-on commitment to the success of your innovation? Then I can join your product development or innovation team. Typically I take the role of Scrum Master, Software Architect, Information Analyst, Business Analyst or a combination of these. Then I extend my role with Design Thinking and Business Modeling where needed.

As added value beyond delivering on my role’s responsibilities, I will:
– Make the team work as a team: optimizing culture, processes and aligning on immediate goals.
– Make sure we work on the right product: supporting the Product Owner or Project Manager and get the team aligned on longer-term goals.
– Increase effectiveness: supporting personal development and extend the team with additional talent when needed.

Organizations where I joined long-term project teams include: The Netherlands Red Cross, Dutch Ministry of Justice & Security and Enexis.

Before becoming a Self-Employed Professional I have been working in project teams at various companies for over 10 years.

Something else?

Do you need something else? Anything where you believe I can be of added value, just contact me and we can talk about it.

Over the years I have also: given talks at conferences about open source, open innovation and business models, organized hackathons, written reports, mentored start-ups and given ad-hoc advice over many cups of coffee.