Open Call: carpenter for children’s playground in refugee camp Greece

On of the members of the Designers With Refugees community, which is part of innovation lab Latra, shared the following open call:

Subject: My quest for a compassionate Carpenter

Dear reader,

I wanted to grab your attention for the following. Finally, after weeks of being in contact with different people and organisations, I settled with a new project on  Lesvos.

Refugee 4 Refugees together with Infinitum Limits is setting up a new project, called Mandala, right next to the Olive Grove and camp Moria. A field of +/‐ 4000 m2 will be  transformed into a child friendly space, offering education, sports and play activities, with the aim to create a safe space.

I will go there with a small team to help out in the design and build activities from half of March to the end of May. At the moment I am with a civil engineer and  another architecture student, but I’m still looking for a fairly skilled carpenter to  strengthen the team for any amount of time in above period, on site! I’m able to offer free accommodation.

Would you all like to consider whether this could apply on you or someone you know well that would open‐minded for this? It would mean a lot tome to find someone!

Also if you’re not a carpenter but would like to learn more, contact me! 🙂

WhatsApp: 0613332421

The information is also available for download as PDF.